Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hindsight: Now Available

Just published on Blurb, my newest collection of photos: Hindsight: 2006-2008

The book is a retrospective of sorts. A collections of some of my favorite photos from the past 2 years.
The book is 120 pages, 7x7 inches, and only $22.95 for the softcover edition with PREMIUM paper! The premium paper is new at Blurb, but its 35% thicker than the old 80lb paper and has a "silk" finish to it, so I'm thinkin its pretty nice. 
Also, little secret here: when you checkout, enter "hewlettpackard10" in the promotion code spot to get $10 off the Imagewrap Hardcover Edition! (order over $39.95)
Enter "hpfreeshipping" for free shipping on the softcover or the dust jacket hardcover. (order under $39.95)
Thanks in advance for looking, let me know if you like it, or if you buy one!

By Eric Baumann

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I just like this picture...

Meadowlands - East Rutherford, NJ

Photo Plus 2008

Today I spent a couple hours wandering around a seemingly endless expanse of photo-industry related vendor booths. It was my third consecutive Photo Plus and at first glance everything was, more or less, exactly as I remembered it from last year, except for one huge absence...

Apple has always had a significant presence at Photo Plus and I could not understand why there wasn't a huge glowing Apple logo visible anywhere in the place. It was weird, to say the least. I thought there must be a mistake, "I must be blind," I decided, reassuring myself in a not so reassuring way.

First stop, Canon booth. I needed to get my hands on the 5D Mark 2 if it was the last thing I did. It was easier than I expected and I had a nice amount of time with my future best friend. Unfortunately, the Canon folks wouldn't let me stick a card in it but I was able to snag a few shots off a 1Ds3 with the new 24L on it. It looks like it gets a little wonky towards the corners but overall a nice piece of glass for sure.

Next stop, Leica. I wandered into the Leica-zone unsure of exactly what I was doing there. Then a glass case full of oversized 35mm lenses caught my eye. They belonged to the S2, Leica's latest entry into the high-end digital market. I have to say, first impressions were not favorable. That thing is not something I would want to carry around with me, for the same reasons I don't own a 1D and then some. It's just big and clumsy looking, a true BRICK. I think Leica should have just gone all the way and made it a full-fledged medium format camera. No photojournalist is gonna want to lug that crap around, no sir.

Next up, the old Epson booth, I wanted to check out prints from the new HDR inks and I had heard they were having print signings throughout the day. Stopped in at Lexar first to see when Mr. Laforet was going on, saw I had a half hour to kill, then went and stood in line for the print signing. I looked at the list and almost cried, Steve McCurry had been there signing (I'm assuming) prints of his "Afghan Girl" shot from 1230-130, It was now 230. I punched myself in the face. In my imagination.

I was in line for a signed print from a Mr. Vincent Versace. I thought to myself for a minute "I wonder if he's a fashion photographer?" Guess I figured it ran in the name. Turns out he is a photojournalist who had prints from Morocco and Vietnam up in the Epson gallery...go figure. I asked him when it was my turn for a signature where the photo was taken. He told me it was taken in Morocco, in Marrakech. I told him I had been there in May of this year, he told me he was also there in May, then I started replaying my days in Marrakech in my head. 

I could almost swear that I had seen him when I was there. I mean, I saw guys who looked like him roaming around with D3's and other enormous cameras. I laughed at those guys when I was there, but I guess thats just how some people like to do it...

So, it was from one Vincent to another. I got to Lexar just as a screening of Reverie was finishing up and Vinny started taking questions and talking to some other interested folks. I waited my turn, shook his hand and congratulated him on Reverie. He was, of course, just as friendly as I remembered and it meant just as much to be able to meet him again. 
So, two Vincent's, both nice guys. Good stuff.

I resumed my search for the Apple booth and eventually go my hands on a show guide that had all the exhibitors listed. No Apple. What the hell is this! ARE THEY REALLY NOT HERE?! They weren't, no Apple this year. How freakin bizarre. I checked out a couple more cameras just for the hell of it: the Olympus E-420 and the Sony A900 -- (which I kinda raved about here)

I spent about 30 seconds with the E-420, I really just wanted to see how small it actually was. Its pretty damn small. So is the viewfinder. Not sure how I feel about it.

The Sony A900. I think I was actually more impressed with the lens they had strapped on this thing (Carl Ziess 135mm f1.8) than the actual camera itself. I told the Sony guy that, he didn't seem amused. The camera was pretty cool, not really my cup of tea though. It was kinda heavy and had a lot of fiddly switches and knobs and features that nobody will really ever use. It was a camera that seemed like it was built by a major electronics company, not by photographers. 

What I was impressed with, in regards to the Sony, was the output of the thing. They had some monster sized prints hanging up around the booth and I have to say, they were EXTREMELY nice. The color and sharpness was there in a big way. Personally, I wasn't really sold on it but I'm sure it will be a competitor.

Anyways, I think I'm done jabbering for now. Here are some pictures I took out in the rain/wind on my way from Photo Plus back up to 116th. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Talking Heads

I have been suffering lately from a severe lack of creative output. It's depressing.

I ended last week in a blur of linoleum and ink but had since stalled out; both in carving and in photography.
So, tonight, it was time to take action. I put off the school work (it's been dragging me down lately), picked up the 5D and pointed it at the TV.
Within 5 minutes I had a plan...

2 hours later, I had THIS.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last week I did something for the first time in my life:
I had an idea and in the same day did everything I needed to see that idea through. 
Sounds simple right? But think about it for a second, when was the last time you did that? 
My idea, was to take up a new hobby: linoleum carving and printing
Sounds a little weird, if you aren't familiar with it, but I can assure you that it is surprisingly calming while also intensely tedious. Something about that combination appeals to me.
Here are a few examples of my early attempts. Each took about 3-4 hours start to finish.

Peter's Tie

Marc Bolan

Jon Stewart in Matthews Arena

Comedian Jon Stewart was greeted by a standing ovation as he took the stage friday night in Northeastern University's Matthews Arena. Stewart cracked jokes about the expected topics (religion, politics, economy, technology) but also treated the crowd to some unexpected, and especially hilarious, interaction with the ASL interpreter on the side of the stage. 
During the Q&A at the end of the performance, Stewart was asked if he would give Northeastern a shout-out on monday night's Daily Show. He responded with a speedy "Of course!!.....If you guys beat BC tomorrow night." Considering BC is the #1 ranked college hockey team in the country, it seemed like he was safe from following through with the shout-out...then we beat BC last night 4-3. Seems there will be a lot of Northeastern students looking for a shout-out come 11pm tomorrow night.
Some pictures from the show. Snuck the camera in under a shirt in my backpack.

My favorite from the night: